Are Annuities A Good Investment?


You can purchase annuities for safety, for long-term growth and security of your respective cash, or for retirement income. For example, a fixed annuity could make an attractive alternate to a CD, a variable annuity may well be purchased for long-term growth and safety of one’s cash and an immediate annuity is purchased for the purpose of earning income .

The best way to know for sure  if an annuity fits within your financial goals is to prepare to do your homework and utilize a plan. Your program must dictate what your financial investment plans are and you also can then make choices that assist you to carry out these goals.

When An Annuity Can Be A Good Investment
I don’t think it would wise to classify all annuities as investments. 1st and foremost an annuity is really an insurance product, which implies you purchase it to reduce the chance of unexpected risk. Some annuities, like variable annuities, have a selection of stock and bond portfolios available as financial investment options inside of the insurance coverage agreement; other annuities are truly insurance policies rather then a vehicle for investing .

Considering this there exists one thing an annuity does very nicely, which happens to be the ability to supply a hedge towards long term risk, and if you are buying it for that motive, an annuity could be a very good investment.

An annuity could possibly be the proper financial investment option for you when you have thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons to be sure you are making the right decision to purchase an annuity and have identified the financial benefits. And you comprehend all of the costs and restrictions, and if the annuity still accomplishes your goals then it may well be appropriate for you. You ought to know how the annuity income is taxed, when income can start, what investment choices are available, and just how the annuity compliments other investments within your portfolio.

When an Annuity is not a Good Investment

When somebody is attempting to persuade you to buy an annuity without reviewing your entire financial plan, it would be wise to be careful. Quite a few people marketing annuities may have good intentions, nonetheless they may not have a comprehensive understanding of the items they may be selling, with the tax implications and of how that product or service can fit into your retirement plan.

Do not acquire an annuity unless you have crafted a program and know how the annuity fits your financial plan. Annuities are certainly not likely to disappear, so there really should be no pressure or feeling of urgency to purchase immediate until you have finished your research. Some annuity sales reps will let you know that an annuity product or service will only be accessible for a short period of time. This really is typically correct, as insurance corporations will discontinue products and services on occasion, but not to fret, a different product with equivalent characteristics will most likely step in and take its place.

All Annuities Are not Alike

Lets examine and compare broker-sold annuities to no load annuities before you purchase. Broker-sold annuities are marketed by somebody who carries an insurance license and or may have a securities license as well. You can purchase no load annuities direct, and they have lower fees, however, you should do your very own research and exploration; that is the trade-off for paying out reduced costs. Some financial advisors can even assist you in choosing an acceptable no load annuity if it matches up with your financial goals.

Do your research on alternate options to annuities before you make a final purchase. You’ll also need to really feel comfortable when it comes to inquiring about annuity service fees. Any reliable advisor or company should really explain all cost and commissions paid to you prior to your purchase. If a person will not take the time to demonstrate the costs within their product or explain to you how they are really compensated within the sale of that products, then there really is no need to purchase from them.

In conclusion an annuity is usually a very good financial investment if it is a well-structured retirement plan and you understand what it does for you and why you will be purchasing it.